Welcome to Graeme Lawrence Japanese Translations

Welcome to Graeme Lawrence Japanese Translations

Welcome to Graeme Lawrence Japanese TranslationsWelcome to Graeme Lawrence Japanese TranslationsWelcome to Graeme Lawrence Japanese Translations

Our Services

High-quality, personalised translation

We provide a highly personalised Japanese-English translation service which is always tailored to individual clients' needs. We strive to build strong relationships with all our clients by taking the time to get to know their businesses and objectives. 

We are accustomed to delivering projects which meet stringent Japanese levels of quality and service.

Industries and fields in which we have translated during the past 30 years include:

- Corporate governance & strategy

- Finance, investment and business plans

- Commercial contracts & negotiations

- Public relations and external communications

- Nuclear power 

- Construction, infrastructure and project management

- Logistics & international trade

- Sales & marketing 

- Mobile communications

- Clinical trials

- Biotechnology

- Automotive 

- Intellectual property

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Owner Profile: Graeme Lawrence グレアム・ロレンス 履歴

グレアム・ロレンス 履歴

グレアム・ロレンス 履歴

Graeme Lawrence

Award-winning Japanese specialist with 30 years' expertise in UK-Japan collaborations, including a national infrastructure megaproject.

A graduate of the University of Shizuoka, Japan, Graeme Lawrence has used Japanese in a business environment since 1988, working for multinational corporations such as Hitachi, Honda and Panasonic

Before going independent, his roles included in-house translator, logistics and import/export manager at a Japanese biotechnology company, Japanese cultural advisor to British CEOs, and cross-cultural communication trainer. For several years he was a translator in the CEO Office of an Anglo-Japanese infrastructure megaproject

Having studied the Japanese language and culture since high school, Graeme has achieved Grade A in Level 1 (the highest level) in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1), and was First Prize Winner at the Sir Peter Parker Awards for Spoken Business Japanese (2019)

In addition to translation, Graeme facilitates corporate training workshops on behalf of Japan Consulting Office (JCO), a company which specialises in improving efficiency in the workplace and communication between Japanese and non-Japanese colleagues. 

He also has experience as a Japanese consultant responsible for business development at a market-leading UK localisation agency specialising in East Asian languages.  

Graeme lived and worked in Shizuoka Prefecture under the gaze of Mount Fuji for nine years.



グレアム・ロレンス 履歴

グレアム・ロレンス 履歴

グレアム・ロレンス 履歴


· 日立、パナソニック、ホンダグループ等の日系企業にて社内翻訳者・通訳者、英国人CEOの日本的ビジネス文化顧問、異文化間コミュニケーションワークショップ講師、ロジスティックスマネジャーとして25年以上勤務 


· バイオテクノロジー、通信技術、財務、原子力、建設、流通、自動車など、多岐にわたる業種での多国籍企業とのリエゾン経験を活かし、現在、ジャパン・コンサルティング・オフィス(JCO)にて異文化コンサルタントとしても活動中 


· 静岡県立大学 国際関係学部 卒業  



· ビジネス日本語スピーチ・コンテスト 優勝 (JETRO/SOAS主催Sir Peter Parker Awards、2019年) 


· 日本語能力試験一級 JLPT N1(Grade A) 


· 日本滞在 9年

First Prize Winner, Japanese Business Speech Contest

Winning presentation at the 29th Sir Peter Parker Awards for Spoken Business Japanese (2019) organised jointly by the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

Graeme talks about his background in Japanese business

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Graeme Lawrence Japanese Translations

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Working with Japanese customers or colleagues?


Cross-cultural training workshops run by Japan Consulting Office

Japan Consulting Office (JCO) specializes in improving efficiency in the workplace and communications between Japanese and non-Japanese colleagues. We do this through a range of public courses and in-house training programs addressing culture, leadership and management.


Email Graeme Lawrence: UK2@JapanConsultingOffice.com